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Rolling Stones


Photograph Credits

Graham Wiltshire, FRPS.

Photographer, Graham Wiltshire FRPS whose first photographs included shots of Led Zeppelin's 1968 Marquee Club debut, and the Stones in Hyde Park in 1969, went to Rotterdam, Netherlands in October 1973, to see the Rolling Stones at the Ahoy and take some front of stage images. The Stones management secured him with press passes for the 1975 Tour Of The Americas and he has been taking photos of the band ever since, having a particular passion for them. His shots of ballet, modern dance and theatre have been used in magazines, music papers (NME) and newspapers. He won the Sunday Times award for ‘Image Of England’ in 1996. Martin Elliott had met Graham on tour and asked if he would like to contribute to this book release to which Graham enthusiastically agreed. Prints may be purchased by contacting him at

Barry Sage

Images are from the studio engineer, Barry Sage who attended the Paris, Pathé Marconi studios at the request of Chris Kimsey who was Associate Producer for the album Some Girls, from the period of October 1977 to March 1978. Barry got on particularly well with the band and their support staff. He stayed with the late great Chuch Magee during the period and is proud to be an owner of a Gibson guitar given to him by Keith Richards. While relaxing at Keith’s apartment in the Rue Saint-Honoré, Keith gave him two sheets of notes for guitars to look out for. Barry was able to take a few band and entourage photographs all previously unseen. Barry gave valuable insight to the sessions as illustrated by the microphone patch list and this book excerpt from Page 192.

“Barry Sage thought the session on 4 November was riveting, helped by an appearance from Keith Moon, who entered the studio and tried to entice the band to come to Le Crazy-Horse review show. The band and crew stayed in the studio but Keith disappeared and returned a few hours later with a crowd of exotic dancers. Mick Jagger worked best when he could focus his singing on a person or in this case a gaggle of ladies and produced an amazing performance to seal his vocal take. Keith Moon went back to the Paris Ritz Hotel, where management called the police and he was arrested for unruly behaviour. Stones lawyers extricated him on the condition that he was escorted to the airport for a one-way flight. What a night!”

Chris Kimsey

Chris Kimsey, the renowned studio engineer and commercially the Rolling Stones most successful producer has contributed fully, written the foreword for the new book and supplied studio images and photos.

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It is a unique chronological history to the greatest rock and roll band in the World.
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